If you are reading my blog, you probably want to be your own boss and are exploring buying a franchise. This is a great choice if you are looking to be in business for yourself but not by yourself!

As you are exploring your options though, your mind will be racing: What’s the best franchise industry? What are the start-up costs? How do I finance the investment? How much money will I make? How soon can I get started? Can I be an absentee owner, or do I need to be fully involved? Can I grow the business? Can I trust the franchisor? How do I choose which one to buy?
There are thousands of franchises out there and probably as many questions going through your mind. In addition to this, buying a franchise is not like buying a car – you cannot walk in and say “I’m buying this one”. The reality is a franchise gets “awarded” by the franchise company (the franchisor) to the buyer (the franchisee) once the franchisee has been qualified by the franchisor.

This process can be daunting if you tackle it alone, for sure. However, if you are serious about getting into business for yourself, but not by yourself, there is a solution to dealing with this that saves you time, money and stress – it is a franchise consultant. Your franchise consultant, and coach, guides you through the maze of Franchise choices and supports you through the process of getting qualified. The franchise consultant is paid by the franchise company for successful placement of good, qualified franchisees, so this service to you, the aspiring franchisee, is free! (The franchise fee that you pay the franchisor is the same regardless of whether you use a franchise consultant or not.)

As a franchise consultant and coach, affiliated with Business Alliance Inc. (BAI), I follow a proven system that starts with getting to know more about you – your lifestyle and financial goals, your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, your budget and so on. Armed with this information I quickly provide you with options (Franchises) that are well aligned with your specific situation and for which you should qualify. You then select, from these options, the Franchise(s) you want to pursue. I then connect you with the Franchise(s) and support you through the process until you have signed up and are in business for yourself.

If you are serious about buying a Franchise, have wanted to explore the option of franchise ownership, and want to save time, money and stress, contact us. E-mail info@franalign.com or click on “contact us” on our website www.franalign.com.