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If you are wanting to live your dream of being in business for yourself, but fear or simply don’t want to do it alone, then Franchising is the path to living your dream. Franchising offers success with the least amount of risk to aspiring business Entrepreneurs. Start up franchise businesses have a 90% success rate whereas close to 60% of non-franchised start-ups fail in the first 6 years.

Whether you are looking to slow down and let your business work for you, whether you are looking to work hard in an exciting, demanding and growing business, whether you are wanting a work from home business or a brick and mortar business, whether you have experience in the industry or not, there are hundreds of choices out there for you.


Having a guide to help you discover the right franchise opportunities for you is key.

FranAlign can help you find the right franchise to meet your goals


We will guide and coach you through the daunting maze of franchise options and through the entire Franchise purchasing process. Your FranAlign consultant and coach will help you find the right fit for you, focusing on you and why you want to be in business for yourself.

We will save you a large amount of time, money, stress and hassle in selecting your best franchise opportunities, i.e. franchises that are financially stable, are a good fit for you and meet your financial and lifestyle goals.

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We’ll get to know you, your interests, your skills, and what you’re looking for in a business.


We’ll work with you to review and evaluate potential franchises and find the ones that align with your goals.


Proposals will be presented to you, including what is required by each franchise, and what funding options are available.

You Decide, We Support You

We’ll guide you through the discovery process, ensuring that you make an informed decision, and set you on the road to success.

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